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Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Last Moon, My School, 12 Junior High School, Went Study Tour to Jogjkarta. But, just grade 8 which went to there. One week before that, I went to supermarket with my Mother to bought some snack and drinks.

The Study tour went on Thursday, February 19, 2009 until Sunday, February 22, 2009. On Thursday, February 19, 2009, I was wake up too early. My Father introduced me to Jatijajar Estate at 5.30 a.m. After that, I and my group were searching our bus. I went to Jogja by kerub bus and I stay in bus of third, after to absent and all completed. We were praying together which guided by my teacher, Mr. Yusuf.

We went to Jogjakarta at 07.00 a.m, after four hours journey, we stop for our lunch at 11.00-12.30 at Sinar Minang Restaurant in Sumur Adem-Indramayu. After we lunch, we were lengthening our journey to Jogjakarta. At journey, my friends in bus of third were karaoke and dancing together, after karaoke and dancing, we were watching Pulau Hantu 2’s film.

At 05.00 p.m we were stop again at Sari Rasa Restaurant for dinner and prayed, after dinner we were lengthening our journey to Bhinneka Hotel. At 11.00 pm we arrived at Bhinneka hotel.
I was searching my bedroom of 225. At there, I was one room with Tiwi, Kartika, Rima, Dita, Endah, and Putri. After I was tidying my room, I take a bath and all students were sleeping nice.

On Friday, 20 February 2009 at 05.00 am, I take a bath and pray, after that I and my friends prepare for to Prambanan temple and SMK SR Jogja, before we break fast in Bhineka hotel, in break fast my teacher give me and all my friends to direct, after than we go to Prambanan temple at 08.15 am, in prambanan we look rebuild of prambanan temple. Surethe history, prambanan that beautiful temple at word. After to prambanan temple, we are to lengthen going to go to SMK SR Jogja at 11.00 am, in the SR we study batik and we praying there, after we pray we back to bhineka hotel at 04,00 pm to take a bate. Moment to arrived bhineka hotel, me and my friends substitute T-shirt and soon take a bath, after that to stand by shoping in Malioboro, interspace malioboro very near with bhineka hotel, if went to malioboro, we are to pass rail train, moment arrive at malioboro, me and friends direct bought something goods which we likes and there are me and friends go to KFC to dinner because we hungry. Day too also sooner the better night, me and my friends back to bhineka hotel to dinner of together, after to dinner we were too also direct Sleeping to to lengthen journey next day.
Early in the morning too also at 21 February, we to stand by of preparation at Kraton Jogja but before that, we the whole too also eat break fast, after break fast we direct going to head for to make a tour Kraton Jogja, after that on the other side, we were continue at tour Borobudur temple, in borobudur temple, we too also on traction to become several group, we on the other side took the pictures narcissus and made to memories. after that we were too also hurriedly go back to Depok. Night moment to came at RM Sari Rasa-Buntu Restaurant Sampang-Cilacap,at once praying magrib and isya, to rest and amusement karaoke, at there too have division done prise of made batik and porcelainthe best, after all tired, we were journey to Depok.

Sunday,, 22 February 2009 all group of people too arrived at Depok (Jatijajar Estate) all too tired but they happy because has mmory which to forget now.

nih dia foto2 bareng anak T.K

nih ada eksa pas lagi tidur celananya di dodorin sama si novit.. haha

ni foto gue bareng rifqi..


writtern @6/08/2009 03:49:00 PM